Easy Baked Gnocchi

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Creamy, cheesy, and comforting

Packed with fresh veggies

One-pan recipe

Ingredients list

- Garlic Cloves – Broccoli Florets – Tomatoes – Mushrooms – Butter and Flour – Milk – Nutmeg – Salt and Black Pepper – Thyme and Oregano – Gnocchi – Fresh Basil Leaves – Mozarella Cheese – Parmesan - Breadcrumbs

Step 1

Fry the mushrooms in sizzling butter for a few minutes until they begin to brown and set aside.

Step 2

Add the garlic and sauté, stir in the flour and pour in the milk, stirring until  smooth, then add the seasoning.

Step 3

Add the tomatoes and simmer then stir in the broccoli, gnocchi, cooked mushrooms, thyme and basil.

Final step

Remove from the heat, sprinkle mozzarella, Parmesan and breadcrumbs on top and bake for 20 minutes.

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