Miso Ramen

Super tasty and wholesome

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Ready in 40 minutes

Authentic Japanese umami flavour

Chicken, pork or tofu vegetarian options

Ingredients list

- Marinated ramen eggs – Chicken leg – Chicken stock – Miso paste – Soy sauce – Chopped ginger – Ramen noodles – Pak choi – Sweetcorn – Nori sheets – Spring onions

Step 1

Cook the chicken in salted water and shred all the meat from the bones with a fork.

Step 2

Pour the chicken stock into a pan set to a low/medium heat and add miso paste, soy sauce and ginger.

Step 3

Cook the noodles, remove from the pan to a colander and run under cold water for a minute.

Step 4

Boil the pak choi in the noodle water for a few minutes until softened. Remove from the pan and set aside.

Step 5

Use the water from the noodles and pak choi to boil the corn or pop it in the microwave for two minutes.

Final step

Pour the hot broth over the noodles and add the chicken, then the veggies followed by the egg.

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